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We are a UK manufacturer of waste to energy equipment. We are the home of aerobic digesters with around 10 years experience of designing and constructing Organic waste treatment systems. These are designed around specific waste streams such as food waste, animal and equestrian waste,  non treated sewerage, through to narcotics and explosives. Unlike anaerobic systems we can process citrus fruit. If it is organic then we can process it and make it into a fuel within 24-48 hours.  Each machine has:

  • A built in shredder
  • Remote monitoring
  • Is efficient and effective in processing waste to energy in around 24 hours.
  • The digestate has a high calorific value
  • The machines give off carbon dioxide from the process and any moisture is captured and pumped down the drain.

Waste to energy

internals of a biomas boiler

Showing the internals of a biomas boiler

As a business we can supply and install biomas boilers which meet the current and new legislation. The equipment can have feed conveyors and hoppers and load off augers into the boilers.

We can construct buildings for the equipment. We have links to other companies who can provide environmental equipment to break down liquid wastes and oils.

As a business we can provide the total solution.

We also now manufacture marine versions of our latest unit. Contact us for more details.

In addition we also manufacture a range of Dissolved air floatation units of various sizes for many applications.

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